The State is strategically close to India's international borders with China and Myanmar. Assam is surrounded by highlands and plateaus on three sides except the western one where the Brahmaputra Valley merges with the Gangetic Plain. The long lines of hills and mountains divide Assam into two major valleys : the Brahmaputra and the Barak valley also known as Surma valley.

Assam is one of the most identified mega-biodiversity hotspots in the world. The State has always occupied a special place in the field of conservation. Assam is also proud of having two Natural World Heritage Sites with rich biological diversity harbouring magnificent wildlife such as One Horned Rhino, Pigmy Hog, Hoolok Gibbon, Golden Langur, White Winged Wood Duck etc. The Kaziranga National Park in this respect is an ideal forest and wild life habitat which is Asia’s best managed one, so also as Manas Wildlife Sanctuary.

Endless is Assam’s richness of beauty and variety and let us all pledge ourselves to preserve, protect and further enrich invaluable wealth of this State.